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Serious mental health disorders are extremely difficult to overcome without the help of treatment and therapies. In fact, leaving symptoms unchecked or self-medicating has serious consequences. Seeking treatment can help you find medications that will alleviate the most severe symptoms so you can focus on strategies for long-term mental health. Medication therapy management (MTM) is a necessary part of the process. But, what is medication therapy management and how does it work?

What is Medication Therapy Management?

Medication therapy management is the process of using the medication in combination with therapy to alleviate severe mental health symptoms and teach long-term coping strategies. Treatment must be administered in a controlled environment. This means that there needs to be approval to dispense psychiatric medication. 

Through regular meetings with your Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Riverscape Counseling, they can monitor your symptoms and adjust dosages as necessary. This service thus provides the continuing support you need through any ups and downs of life and treatment. Most importantly, our psychotherapy team focuses on addressing all of your needs to get you healthy and back to your regular routine. With flexible appointments and short wait times, our MTM clinic can fit into your life and become a foundation for your long-term mental health.

Medication-Assisted Treatment and MTM

Often, both a severe mental health disorder and a substance use disorder co-exist. Mental health symptoms drive an individual to self-medication, which can then easily spiral into addiction. Medication-Assisted Treatment is an often-misunderstood therapy that can be beneficial along with medication therapy management.

The medications approved by the FDA are effective in helping people get off drugs. This type of treatment is for those struggling with more serious drug addiction. Usually, the drugs that it targets are opioids such as heroin and prescription pain killers. Physicians and treatment clinics prescribe the medication as well as provide counseling, which helps the person safely withdraw from opiate containing of other addictive substances. The duration of medication-assisted treatment depends on the individual case. Some people require MAT indefinitely.

So far there are three types of medication approved by the FDA to treat opioid dependence. For example, they are as follows:

Finding a Medication Therapy Management Clinic in Dayton

If you are struggling with a severe mental health disorder, find the mental health treatment that is right for you. At Riverscape Counseling , we can combine medication and therapy for a comprehensive treatment program that will get you on the road to better mental health. Our practice is staffed with Clinical Counselors as well as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Assistant who are able to write prescriptions for these important medications. Additionally, we assist with continuing care and reliable psychiatric prescription refills in the Dayton area.

We offer treatment for many mental health disorders and can treat you if you suffer from more than one condition as well. For a few examples, some of our programs include:

Don’t let a drug addiction disrupt your life and plans for happiness. Now that you know what is medication therapy management, you can be successful in your quest for sobriety. We will walk with you through the steps of healing. Contact us at 937-319-4448 and begin the journey today.

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