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Please join our CIRCLE OF SUPPORT

Once a year,  Riverscape Counseling approaches members of our community to ask for their help in supporting our affordable mental health programs in Centerville, Springboro, Dayton, Ohio and most recently Indianapolis Indiana as contributing members of our CIRCLE OF SUPPORT. We would be very grateful if you would join us in this endeavor and help ensure that persons in our community have access to the psychological services and support they need by contributing a gift of $50, $100, $250 or more to Riverscape Counseling in 2020.

Each year, we assist more than 1500 individuals, couples and families. Suffering from abuse, neglect, inequity, alienation from others, the aftermaths of trauma, as well as anxiety, depression and loss, they come to us, yearning to feel more comfortable with themselves, their loved ones and their lives. When they join us, they often begin a journey and a process they could not have even imagined, one that often ripples with positive effects throughout their lives. With your support as a donor, we can continue to provide them with the support they need not only to survive, but thrive.

A thoughtful, caring and skilled psychotherapist can offer so much to someone who is suffering, especially when their struggles are emotional and psychological. Therapeutic support and guidance offered by someone with an investment in our well-being can be both empowering and relieving, inspiring even those who’ve lost confidence in themselves and their lives to dream again. It can even make the unimaginable possible.

As many as 350 million persons worldwide suffer from some form of mental illness and at this very moment, as many as 2,000,000 in the Ohio and Indiana areas cannot access the psychological support they need.  In this region, many cannot access adequate health care, including psychotherapy suitable for and tailored to their cultural and socioeconomic needs. Fortunately, with its commitment to affordability, and multi-cultural corps of eclectically trained clinicians, Riverscape Counseling is uniquely poised to meet these needs.

In addition to the thousands of sessions we have provided this past year, we also served our community in many other ways, providing:

  • Equine therapy to persons with histories of severe trauma

  • Counseling to students at risk for poverty and gang violence

We also offered:

  • A staff of well-trained, culturally sensitive clinicians

  • Psychotherapy in multiple languages

  • Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community

Our therapists, all pursuing advanced training and professional licensure as mental health clinicians, come from all over, to join our organization. Drawn to our agency because of our holistic approach, and emphasis on helping clinicians find a solid livelihood in their vocation of helping others, many aspire to work on the cutting edge of health care as well as devote themselves to social justice efforts to make that care as accessible and relevant as possible. You could say they are the heart of our agency, trying to repair the world, one person at a time.

Please consider joining us in this endeavor by donating as much as you can.  Your gift will help us continue to provide caring, compassionate, culturally-relevant services to hundreds of people in need. 

Donating is SIMPLE. Just click the link below and donate ON-LINE using your credit card, bank or PayPal account.

To make a contribution simply click HERE.

If you cannot contribute money at this time, please consider pledging a gift for the future. By pledging, you can make a contribution in incremental monthly payments, deducted directly from your checking account or credit card.

As a member of Riverscape Counseling, I’ve become intimately acquainted with the exemplary services it provides to our community. I hope you will wish to join our Circle of Support to ensure its work continues. Your gift will help us continue to provide exemplary, affordable care to hundreds of people in need.

In Appreciation,

Darcie R Clark
Chief Executive Officer



Other Reasons to Consider Giving

Innovation: Riverscape Counseling was founded in 2011 and was one of the first programs in the Dayton Area to focus on the joint needs of early-career psychotherapists to both prepare for licensure and develop the critical business skills needed for success in private practice. In addition to providing important vocational support, we assist clinicians to develop and truly learn clinical and business skills as a team while they are still interns.

Impact: Since its inception, our organization has grown to provide psychotherapy to approximately 1000 individuals, couples, and families each year, the many from economically vulnerable, at-risk or marginalized communities. 

Breadth of Focus: While we support our clinicians to develop their expertise in the practice of traditional forms of psychotherapy, we also encourage them to consider and attend to the broader contexts of their clients’ lives, including the influences of intergenerational trauma, poverty and discrimination. They also are encouraged to understand the complex interplay of mind-body and spirit in their clients’ well-being.

Financial Empowerment: While early career practitioners in other fields, such as medicine, receive an income during their professional internships, most mental health practitioners do not have access to paid internships.  Many training programs offer little or no compensation, placing a profound economic burden that requires most interns to hold multiple jobs while preparing for licensure. Those that do, pay only a nominal fee, or a small percentage of the client fees generated by the intern. As a result, many interns struggle with financial stress as they balance the monumental task of gaining their 3000 hours of clinical experience, while also surviving financially. In contrast, Riverscape Counseling has always been  committed to providing our clinicians with the potential to earn a viable wage, based on how many clients they see. Philosophically, and in practice, we are dedicated to allocating as much of our client earnings as possible to our interns. After covering our basic operating expenses, income is then returned to our interns for their livelihoods.

Community Commitment: As part of our training program, each of our associates/interns is required to see expected to see low-income clients at a significantly reduced fee. At any one time, we provide an average of 250 – 300 individuals, couples, or families with access to low fee psychotherapy in the $50 – $80 (or lower) range compared to the standard market rate of services for $130 to $150/session.

A Focus on Social Justice: As part of our program, we offer training workshops to support our clinicians to develop their multicultural competencies. We also strive to adopt policies and procedures within our organization to promote sensitivity to issues of diversity, racial equity and social justice. We continuously seek to engage in strategic program development to better serve our community, seeking ways to create more accessibility to services for marginalized, at-risk or low-income persons.

Thank you for your support. A gift to Riverscape Counseling is an investment in the health and well-being of your community.


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